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A few days ago I posted the article about seeing Palmer Harding and I’m really considering making a story on it – so we’ll see.. But I never showed you the outfit!

I really wanted to wear something uber fashionable, LFW called for it, so I wore my fabulous floor length camel trousers which are also high waisted so you can wear them with a crop top, I also paired it with my fur gilet and some black heeled boots…. Continue reading

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LFW | Palmer / / Harding

So yesterday was pretty special as me and a couple of friends went to London Fashion Week! I have been a few times before but it’s always so much fun every time. This year I went to the Palmer / / Harding show which was beautiful!  Continue reading


We Are Islanders | Story

She opens the metal blinds in her studio apartment, looking over the crisp winter morning settling over Dublin. After glancing at her watch she picks up her cup of earl grey tea and wanders into her dressing room. She puts a slick of mascara, finishing off her clear porcelain complexion and brushes her hair back into a tight and ponytail, wrapping the last strand around the hairband, her brown hair shimmering in the morning sun.  Continue reading


OOTD | simple embellishment

So we’re back to the normal posts again and what better way to start them off is with an OOTD, I got this top a few days ago and I have been looking for something like this forEVER. I really wanted an embellishment tee/jumper/whatever this actually is, and it really goes with a lot.

Continue reading


Holiday Series | OOTD(s)

So here comes the end, it seems to have been a lifetime ago that I was actually in Rome, and the thought of wearing a slip dress and sweating is just out of this world (because ladies don’t sweat obviously…) However clearly I am exciting and do so much that these sort of small trips just fill up a lot of (writing) time. 

These are kinda hotchpotch – which is so definitely a word – they’re the evening’s out, got too hot so I changed, travelling outfits that didn’t exactly fill up a day but were still carefully considered. I’m pretty much taking this post to be me being a tourist so you guys can see everywhere I went in Rome, so hope you enjoy.  Continue reading


Holiday Series | Food in Rome

Let’s face it, we all know that Italy has the best food, I mean the ice cream, pasta, pizza… I was literally in heaven there, as opposed to my coeliac sister.. But I thought I would give some tips as to where to go if you’re visiting.  Continue reading


Holiday Series | OOTD Day 2

So the second post in the holiday series, hope you liked my first outfit but I remember being so ridiculously hot this day I had to strip off. Not literally.. Wearing a skirt and a cami can so easily be an unimaginative and uninspiring outfit, but with a statement skirt like this, a simple cami has to be paired with it. 

I’m pretty sure it got up to about 40 degrees this day, which obviously was lovely but when you’re trying to find the piazza de novova it can become pretty tiring. Yes I may have had my usual grump as I was too hot, but yes an ice cream also got me out of it. You’d think I’m 7 with this sort of routine.  Continue reading


Holiday Series | OOTD Day 1

So I’m back from my trip to Rome and oh my was it amazing, we had amazing weather that I’m so sure got up to 40 degrees, I ate so much amazing food and I saw so many amazing things!! I thought the best way to post everything about it would be to make a holiday series, including my outfits, where I ate, what I saw, and the best places to have ice creams… (I had one every day)

The first whole day we did all of the major tourist sites, including the Continue reading


Roma Travelling

Bonjourno I should probably say, it’s my second night in Rome and I am loving every second of it. I don’t really have enough time to do outfit posts etc as I need my laptop for editing, but they’ll come as soon as I get back!!

These are just a few snaps from last night, we went to wander around the colosseum while the sun was setting while eating pizza (typical + PERFECT), then again today to do the actual tour. I came to rome like years and years ago but I wasn’t old enough to really appreciate it all, but now it’s just so so beautiful! Continue reading