OOTD | Capes and Skirts

Happy Halloween!! What’s everyone doing this year? I’m going out later to celebrate today with friends – sadly not dressing up. I’m not really a fan of costumes, they’re the sort of thing that take up valuable wardrobe space where a nice new coat of a pair of shoes could be living. Also years ago […]

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Charlotte Simone | story

Giggling, she slips out of the black cab with her blonde hair in loose curls falling around her face; before shutting the door she spins around, leans in and grabs her candyfloss pink and white popsicle scarf, throwing it around her neck, tucking her hair into the back. She holds up her phone and puts […]

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Little Lace Dress | new

Ok so I’m beginning to make a habit of this long gap between post apology starter, but honestly I am sorry – I’m trying to fit in writing whenever I can which seems to be never recently. I cannot WAIT for my workload to but down, but I can’t envisage that happening soon.. A few […]

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OOTD in the rain | style

Finally, an outfit post. Long time overdue I know. I don’t know where all of my time has gone recently, but regardless I am back with one. Luck really hasn’t been on my side so the day I decide to do one it’s tipping it down!! So I thought instead of putting it off, lets just […]

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Easy Hairstyles | beauty

I’m a very anti do-much-with-your-hair person, obviously I always want it to look nice because I believe your hair makes your day but like I just don’t have time for that. – ok side note here, you know when you see a guy and think, if he just did this with his hair then he […]

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What To Buy | New Shoes

So again I’m slacking on the outfit posts right now, or anything that includes me in it – I have a good excuse. The feeling ill I mentioned yesterday, well it’s just got worse.. I know I normally only try and show the pretty and cool things in my life, but I’m going to put […]

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Essential Autumn Jackets

So now we’re nearly getting past the freezing in the morning and melt at midday and merging into the cold all day weather it’s pretty important to have collection of jackets, I know we kinda got pushed into this weather but that’s no reason to not have nice jackets. Saying this it was really hot […]

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