OOTD | blue coat and jeans

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in over a week?! How is this even possible, I can’t even explain myself. I hope everyone has been having a great week, and so soon to christmas now! We have our tree up, what about you? It’s so so cold now I just don’t know what to do with myself, I just wrap up in layers; like yesterday I had a jumper, a fur gilet AND a wool coat – that’s layering.

For this look I wanted to do something super easy and effortless, the sort of thing you can throw on and it still looks simplistic and good. I’m wearing my blue jeans with a black baggy jumper, so simple and effective. I then put my black heeled boots with it to dress it up slightly and to bring some colour in I’m wearing some bring jewellery. Then the coat just easily drapes over my shoulders, so easy! Continue reading

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BEAUTY | brown smoky look

Thank god monday has finished, I am already exhausted if I’m totally honest, I seriously cannot wait for the Christmas Holidays now as I need to have a lie in that’s actually after 9am. I thought that for this wintery day I’d do another beauty post! So I happen to change my ‘everyday’ look quite a lot, nearly every day ironically, however I thought I would share my current one.

I always happen to go for a pinky undertone, I don’t even mean to, I think it might be Continue reading


OOTD | patterned wool skirt

Woo it’s finally Friday! I’ve had such an exhausting week what with college work, working and also working out (while being ill) this weekend honestly couldn’t come sooner. What have all of you been doing this week, please let me know in the comments below, and I hope you’re all doing something tonight. I mentioned a few posts ago how I wanted a wool skirt, and despite this not being real wool, it’s got that look.

For this really wintery look I paired it with Continue reading


playsuit and sparkles

Evening! It is disgusting today, I basically ran to my car with an umbrella and I was soaked!! But all is well as yesterday I got my Oh My Love London order, woo! I was looking for a dress/playsuit for an event and I couldn’t find one anywhere! But by chance on twitter I saw they had a black friday deal – I think I mentioned this in my previous post, but it came and oh my it’s beautiful!! I know the pic is black and white but I’ll do a proper outfit post soon so you can see the sparkles and burgundy-ness of it!

I already have 3 things in mind I can wear it to, and in the future I think mixing it with some fur and if leather was involved… Continue reading


OOTD | patterned trousers with grey jumper

Happy Friday everyone!!! So happy it’s finally the weekend, such an exhausting week but at least it’s the weekend now and one step closer to Christmas! Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I have not.. I’m normally the type to seem to have it all under control but in reality I’m freaking as all I have managed to buy are presents for myself.

I thought I’d make an outfit post about patterned trousers today as I think they can be such hard things to make an outfit with! It’s hard to decide on the colours to go for, what shoes, and then when you think you have it sorted you realise you don’t have a jacket! Fatal mistake when it’s this cold (literally). So I paired mine with really simple colours as to not take away from them, so I paired them with my cropped fluffy grey jumper, a black leather jacket and my monotone grey and white scarf, then the white and blue bag just added a pop of colour.

I also put heeled boots with them as because they’re cropped you have to add height on because Continue reading


OOTD | blue trench and black

Evening everyone! How are you all? It’s getting dark so so early right now here in england! I must have gotten home at 3 and had to so these photos really quickly as it was already getting dark; it’s always really cosy but it’s such a pain for running because there just isn’t any time when I can go!

Anyway, I wore today a really simple outfit, but super effective – I just had my black jeans and my black crop top on, with a grey cardigan just because it was freezing!! It didn’t really bring much to the outfit but warmth, so that’s enough for me. I then put it with my black heeled boots because the weather is too unpredictable to be able to wear pumps and not constantly fear Continue reading


Leather and Gold | topshop coated leigh’s

How is everyone?! It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here, admittedly I don’t really have an excuse – I’m always on insta so follow me! I hope you’re all well and enjoying the pre-christmas excitement!! I have done 0% of my christmas shopping/thought about what I’m going to get anyone, so good start you could say..

I was shopping (for myself) yesterday and actually returned to Topshop 3 times looking at these jeans, from working in a shop also I know that ‘the returners’ are annoying and looked weirdly upon, but I was prepared to take the fall for these. They’re the coated leigh’s and I am just in absolute LOVE with them – I was going for the Millie Mackintosh look, but also the Jenner’s go for leather and pose different outfits for me to try, so I think I’ll mix and match personas.

I also took inspiration from Beyonce’s new video, Continue reading

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Fashionista Award

Hey lovelies, thanks for nominating me for the Fashionista Award! The response was delayed but nevertheless here’s the goss..

1) What motivated you to start blogging?

Kristina Bazan! Her blog Kayture really made me see how much potential there is in the fashion blog world, I came in with new ideas and a desire to share my fashion sense with like-minded people; I’m still figuring out the direction of PALMARA but it’s loads and loads of fun to dream and make it happen!

2) Favourite movies?

I have a pretty varied taste so you should probably ask ‘favourite movies for each genre’.., but Jason Bourne is always a winner.

3) What is you’re dream career? Continue reading

day to night 1

day to night | LBD

Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone has had a lovely day, where I am it’s rained pretty much all day and annoying I’d straightened my hair today, however it was as if life was giving me a break as it stopped raining just as I was walking from my car to college, then torrentially rained after – I’m counting that as a good omen.

When I was finished for the day, inevitably, I went shopping and I bought this perfect LBD! I fell in love with it straight away as I love two tier things, also this one has a texture to it and is really nicely tailored – winwinwin. However as I was buying it I suddenly thought where am I actually going to wear it?! So I came up with a day to night outfit!

I think any of you could so so easily do this with your LBD, for the day I added Continue reading

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lace, leather and wool

Some actual clothing content – finally!! I know it has been thin on the ground this week. I hope everyone is having a good week so far, and thank god tomorrow is friday!! Are any of you doing anything nice this weekend? I’m going away tomorrow night to Bath as I have a party there and it’s ‘choose an era’ themed so I’m going from the 60’s so there’ll definitely be an outfit post to follow that!

I ordered this jumper and lace bra from Forever 21 a few days ago as on instagram (so many of my purchases start with ‘I saw on in…’) from Continue reading