Whole 30 Challenge

It’s official, my food life is now over. I have decided to do (the biggest commitment EVER) the Whole30 challenge, yes I am a good mixture of terrified and excited but I’m ready to take this on.

For those of you that don’t know what it is, like me until this evening, the Whole 30 programme is when you literally eat clean, like super clean. I’m talking meat, eggs, fruit, veg and nuts. That’s it. You’re not allowed any grains, not even the ‘healthy’ ones like quinoa, a massive love of mine, and no dairy or even fake dairy like soy. Nada. It’s black tea and coffee or coconut milk for the month for me. Oh and I almost forgot, no alcohol.. I don’t want to sound all hooked or anything but wine and cocktails? Who doesn’t love them.

I really wanted to try a really natural diet out, I’m not interested in weight loss, or anything else like that, I want to do it to be healthier in mind and body and hopefully it will change how I eat for the rest of my life! Which sounds so much more dramatic in writing than it did in my mind.

Basically the reason why I’m talking about all of this is that I thought, more of a support system to myself at the thought of not having a proper cup of tea/wine for a month, that I would post the ‘food journey’ on here! I know this is a fashion blog, but it’s also my blog so what the hell.

I need to plan out this diet because it’s commonly known that by jumping into one because you’re excited to start isn’t a good way to stick strong in it, you need to get mentally, and kitcheny, prepared for this so you are way more likely to stick through the whole 30 days. So hopefully I’ll try and post my shopping list and the ingredients I get, and a few recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, and then how I actually feel throughout it, aside from suicidal.

I hope there are others crazy enough to try this diet (borderline way of life) too!!

Please like and comment (for moral support) and follow in the drop-down menu to follow the food journey, however painful it may be.

- Tamara, already hungry



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cowl neck, black jeans, cape

Cape me up!! It’s Monday and I’m feeling upset that the weekend is over as I’ve had such a good one down in Bath with my family! But now I’m ready for loads of sleep as I had 5 hours last night…yeah. I suddenly realised I hadn’t finished the Conde Nast College challenge, but lucky I did finish it as today I got an interview! So to celebrate I thought I’d do a post on a winter fave, the cape! If you own one you’ll know how comfy they are as they are the ultimate fashion cheat, you’re wearing a blanket. But a stylish blanket.

I’ve been told that this beige colour really suits my skin tone when I’m pale and when I’m tanned and also suits my hair colour so it’s a massive win really! It may look like it’s not warm enough for this outfit but this jumper is really really thick and I think the cape might have some wool in it? So you can just wrap yourself up and walk along like you’re still in bed.

I’m really considering getting some new black jeans as these topshop ones really fade! Which I think everyone else finds too so I was wondering whether there are any other places that do skintight black high waisted jeans that don’t fade, so they even exist?!

I kind of feel like Blake Lively whenever I wear a cape, I’m not sure if there’s anyone I’d rather feel like actually. Also great news, I just want to thank everyone for supporting PALMARA through these past months, I now have over 150 followers which I know to many isn’t much, but for me this is such a big step! I really can’t wait to see where I can take this site, and the site can take me. I have so many ideas for this coming year so I can’t wait to start all of them and I hope you all enjoy what’s to come and that it keeps on growing!

So like, comment and follow, join PALMARA!!

- Tamara
















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chloé girls

She runs, long blonde hair with a slight wave from the sea water flowing behind her back. Her slender limbs prance through each branch, beckoning her to go further in; nothing is behind her, but she keeps running away from herself, a chance to be free.

She slows, part skipping, into a brisk walk, fiddling with her Babeth gold brass cuff. The metal chimes with each encounter with her long Ciara brass necklace which hung elegantly, freely, off her poised neck. Each glance she takes from her surroundings, her hair flies away with her.

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loafers, coated jeans, jumper, tartan

It is absolutely freezing, I know ‘hey guys how are you’ etc is my normal opening but seriously, I’m probably too cold for a greeting. It’s the sort of cold that when I’m defrosting my car my hands go blue, I mean I opened the door this morning to take my Needle and Thread deliver (very exciting I’ll tell all in a post asap) and I was frozen in my luxurious dressing gown (seriously it’s heaven).

Anyway, I hope you all are ok! It was my mum’s birthday yesterday and I was such a good daughter, I made dinner which was honey moroccan chicken with lemon quinoa and grilled pitta, and then I made a lemon and lime birthday cake too! I have bragged so much about this as any cooking/kitchen endeavour normally fails instantly, so when it goes right it’s going to be archived.

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spring vibes (with blues jeans)

FRIYAY!! I saw this on twitter and yes, I’m stealing it. I know it’s the depths of winter and it’s snowing in some places, and if not then you’re probably experiencing torrential rain, but aside from that I’m feeling so so ready for spring. I have tonnes of outfits that are just bursting to come out of my wardrobe and be worn! So today I thought I’d instil a little hope into everyone, and that one day winter will end and the sun will shine (and be warm).

I’m wearing my new jeans from ASOS and can I just say wow, they are so comfy! They’re really thick proper jean material which I love, you feel so supported.. And they have a frayed bottom which gives them a bit of an edge, and then they’re a washed blue, so really fashionable right now but also timeless, as when has blue mid-wash denim ever gone out of fashion? (The answer is never).

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new illamasqua lipstick

I would say thank god it’s Friday but seeing as I was ill this week, it doesn’t really pay much relevance. I think everyone is ill right now?! Anyway as I’m a girl to make myself feel better when ill I buy things, and in this instance I bought makeup. Now I’me never a massive bright lipstick person, despite the fact that I have loads of them I never get round to wearing them, but the reviews for this one were super good and the colour was more muted-bright than bright-bright so I thought, why not?

First thing I love about it is the packaging! I mean my fave lipstick packaging is definitely YSL as they have magnetic lids and I mean that’s just fun, but this is really sleek and looks expensive. Then the colour looked really dark and I was like no! But upon trying it on, if you initially apply like normal then dab it looks really good. A kind of muted berry look. Continue reading

dior secret garden
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dior secret garden

She turns the heavy brass key in the antique lock on the pastel painted wooden door, the decadence of Versailles overwhelmed her, made her catch her catch her breath. She caught herself posing as a figure she once laughed upon, and knew she had to leave. With her Lady Dior bag in her hand she left the drawing room. 

dior secret garden 2

Her two-strap sandals were clacking down the parquet flooring, fastening as she quickened her step. Her blonde hair catching in the draft her two-pearl earrings were just visible, and hearing murmuring voices behind her she broke into a run. She released herself into the cool fresh air, biting upon her face, the material in her houndstooth skirt lagged behind her as she skipped down the stone steps onto the drive. Cutting across the grass, her heels sinking into the damp spring earth, a spit of rain was in the air, beckoning her to go further towards the overgrowth.  Continue reading


my favourite accessories…right now

Happy 2015! I hope everyone’s year is going off to a good start, I actually have come down with a super bad cold so not such a great start for me – but what are you gonna do? The weathers been pretty mild lately so i haven’t had to layer up so much, meaning I can actually show off some accessories for once without just looking like a chubby eskimo (with all the scarves and stuff).

Now I change my mind a lot like seriously, I can’t stick to one thing ever really so it’s no surprise that I put ‘…right now’ in the title as in a weeks time they’ll probably all be different. Continue reading

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best of 2014

Happy New Year! I’m writing this while feeling disgustingly ill and relieved that the new year is finally upon us; drinking a bottle of champagne is highly overrated and the past year has been pretty disappointing – I feel like you know on an album there are filler songs, well this has been a filler year.. But along with my ny resolution of being more positive, I thought I’d do a kinda review of the best things that happened in my fairly uneventful year..  Continue reading


winter warmers, loafers and jeans

It’s been such a long time, I know, my apologies! Nevertheless I hope everyone has enjoyed their Christmas break with their family and friends as much as I have! Still got New Years to celebrate yet also, meaning even more dressing up, over-indulging and alcohol, and another day for calories not to count, but again we only get this holidays and birthdays for these kind of excuses so why not?

I have been on a mass spending spree these past few weeks and have more new outfits than I know what to do with, but today I thought I’d eek into the winter warmers with blues, greys and blacks, and also introducing my new favourite, painfully beautifully (literally) loafers! They’re Dune and they’re fabulous, despite them hurting the feet; but you should never judge a pair of shoes on their first day of use! So they have hope yet, also they’re beautiful which helps them out a bit.. Continue reading