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BOTD | Bikinis

I don’t know if BOTD is even a thing, but I’m making it one – buy of the day. It’s pretty laborious finding a new way of saying “look what I bought today!!” or “something new..” so BOTD makes it so so simple.

Ok so this is only a quick post
before I start packing to go on holiday, but I lost my bikini (on my house…) and I suddenly realised that I didn’t have one, so I went on a mad rave after work today and luckily found these two in Topshop.

I’m in love, and they actually look good on, bearing the unfortunate load of being flat chested it’s hard to get bikinis, but these do the ‘trick’.

Let me know if you have found any beautiful bikinis recently and tell me where from  – I’m always wanting more!!

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BIKINIS – Topshop


Speak soon..

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